I remember when I was a kid watching Digimon and saw Patamon do this


I was like



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Just try it. Try it once.


I would like everyone at my store to try closing. Just once. Maybe for a week even. So they see how easy they have it and how much they really fuck us over on a daily basis by just leaving their shift without doing anything and leaving a bunch of bullshit for us to deal with. One week. Just so you can see how royally you fuck us on a daily basis. Then maybe you would think twice about complaining when we tend to forget one or two things at close every now and then. You fucking fucks. 

Its very hard to sit back and listen to what management wants and what’s expected. We’re all sorry that customer service is really bad sometimes, and that our prices are rising. But don’t tell me that we’re getting paid more with rising prices. Because none of us are seeing that money. We get paid shit here and make less than a dollar per hour in tips.

Its incredibly hard to deliver great customer service when customers are yelling at you for not having enough people. As if we chose to be short today. MY APOLOGIES for Starbucks, the multi billion dollar company who won’t give us the “labor” to meet goals.

I’ve had some pretty stressful jobs but I’ll take getting beat up and wiping asses over serving ungrateful self entitled assholes any day.

I’ve been waiting for an album like Worlds for a while

I’m currently in love with Fellow Feeling and Polygon Dust.

What’s your favorite track?

In an interesting discovery today, it was learned that Lady Gaga’s album track ‘Mary Jane Holland’, produced by the talented Madeon, was originally intended for the artist The Good Natured. The song was previously titled ‘Cant Beat The Machines’ and features mostly the same production work by Madeon. Released in June of 2012, The Good Natured track has been completely pulled off of the internet, after Gaga purchased the rights to turn it into the song we all adore today – ‘Mary Jane Holland‘.